Problem importing PDF files

I’m a DT Pro user. I’m trying to implement an automatic process to download daily some PDF files into DT from a web site. I’ve created an automator workflow which returns the final URLs to get in a web page.

In the final step, I’ve used DA to download the PDFs from the web but, when I execute this workflow, not all the files are downloaded. I’ve noticed that the hugest files are not downloaded.

I think there is a timeout in the “Download URLs” DA action. I would like to know if it’s possible to modify this param or if there’s a way to import the PDF files (not the URLs) into DT ?


Would you be so kind to check in the if there are any error messages logged from Automator? Did you also check the Log tool in DTPro? Or the Log in Automator itself? (sorry for the myriad of options but Automator isn’t really helpful in logging problems that’s why we try to use the first two as fallbacks in the order I mentioned them.)

This information can help us track down the cause of your problem. Maybe you can also add the URLs that have these big files and even the workflow itself. You can send all of this to