Problem importing sites to Webarchives or PDF (for instance

I’ve tried this days importing pages as webarchive or pdf (I put them in a database of articles with useful tips).

But if I use the share option in safari and choose webarchive or pdf (one page), the import is done as. a URL instead of an archive.
If I try to convert this URL (using the menu in Item) to a webarchive or pdf, I have a new item, but still as an URL.

Is this a bug? Are some sites more difficult to import? I can still print in Safari and then select save to Devonthink, but then I have to sort items afterwards and the page breaks are not useful.

Exemple URL:

Is this a bug?


Are some sites more difficult to import?

Yes, for sure. But that’s not pertinent to what you’re referring to here.

It has been discussed many times on these forums…