Problem Importing ???

I have a collection, on my HD, of files and saved websites that consist of a directory and an .html file of the same name. The directory contains the .jpg, .css etc files and the .html file contains the content of the web site. When I double click on this .html file in finder or PathFinder I see the entire website that I saved. Ultimately its this “site” that I want to import.

When I import this, into DevonThink, I get a folder with the jpg, css etc just as I have on the HD and I also get the html file. Is there anyway to recombine this into one entity?
Or does any have a better suggestion for getting this data ,into DevonThink, as a website?


There are probably other ways to do this but you can always view your website in safari or devonagent and save the page as a webarchive and import that into DT. If you are simply storing copies for edit purposes it is probably wiser to use a version control setup like subversion or cvs.