Problem installing updates

I haven’t used DT very long, but it seems every time I install a new update, some problem occurs. Either it crashes, or it never finishes installing, or after it installs and relaunches it warns me that the databases may already be running. (Let me add that I rarely if every have any problem updating any other software program on my computer.) This all makes me quite nervous as I’m concerned about my databases getting corrupted. Do other people have these problems? What should I do? I’m afraid to do any updates now. I’m running OS X 10.5.8 on one computer and 10.6 on another. Problems happen on both. Thanks for any suggestions! Jane

Probably the most reliable method of updating/reinstalling is to download DT from the Download page, quit DT (and Sorter, if its also running), delete the DT app, empty Trash, drag the new version from the mounted DMG image to /Applications, then finally launch the new version.

Thanks so much, I will try doing that instead!


Or you can try the built-in updating first and manually download/install if that fails.