Problem moving files from one database to another

I created a database with over 130,000 files. I wanted to reduce the size so I created a second database for large group of reference files. I attempted to use the “move” command to move the files from database #1 to database #2. The files disappeared from database #1 and the file structure appeared in database #2. However, despite the list of files showing in database #2, all files were size 0kb. When I attempt to open the 0kb files they do not open. As best I can tell the files are gone. Anyone encounter this and have a solution?

Second question: Is the “move” command how I want to move files from one database into another.

Third question: I deleted the original files to save disk space and now think I shouldn’t have done that. Anyone have a suggested preference to ensure the security of files? I can’t lose this data.

I have also had several crashes when I attempt to import a large group of files. I restart DTP and repeat the process using smaller groups of files and it seems to work fine.

Hi there!
I’m a betatester and can try to give you some answers:
This behaviour is a bug in DT 2.0.2 and has been fixed in the new version 2.0.3, right now this version is only available for betatesters and will be released as soon as the developer is happy with this release.
read more here:

Yes, this command means that you can choose if you want to move the files in the same database or into another database. But this move feature is working better in the beta version of 2.0.3

If it some files you really don’t want to lose, this is a easy fix.
Just select all the files that you want to be sure to not lose and right click and choose Mark -> as locked.
If you delete some file that is locked to the trashcan in the database.
You can still don’t delete the original file until you mark the files as unlocked.

This could happen of several reasons. But what I know is that you need to have much physical RAM in your computer if you had much files in your database. When the new release is out of DT 2.0.3, try to import a large group of files again to see if you still get crashes.
Hope this answers could help you!

Another thought, even when 2.0.3 is released, is to quit DT, duplicate your database in the Finder, and prune out of each one the data that is to be stored in the other. With a database of 130K documents, that may not be practical due to size, but it is a simple way to split a database without having to re-create all the tag/group structure in a new database. Bill posted some advise on the process in this thread.