Problem of sync

since I installed iOS 8.1 on my iPhone 5S and my iPad mini, I cannot finish some syncs with my Mac mini (10.10 Yosemite). Sometimes the sync breaks immediately, with Devonthink To Go crashing and closing. Sometimes it is not immediate but have still the same problem : the iOS app crashes systematically.
I sync three databases. They contend many different types of data : texts (.docs, .pages…), images, tables, and .zip files. Depending which database has to be synced, the app crash or not. I cannot identify clearly what happens, which files could make trouble. It seems that some new .zip files I put in the database on the Mac make problem. But I always had some .zip files before, and before iOS 8.1 I had not problem at all to sync them.
Someone may have an idea ?

See Incompatability in Files between DTP and DTTG causes Sync cr

Thank you, will wait. Have a nice weekend.

Have the same problem.
But - the Problem exist only on the new iPhone 6. Correct Synchronisation with iPad Air and iPad Mini (all Devices with iOS 8.1).
Still waiting for the new Version.