Problem: Printing and margins


I’ve been having problems printing out notes (both plain text and RTF) from DT, because the notes leave no margin space to the left and at top, which cuts off text. My only solution now seems to be to export to Word, and then print from there; however, I do like the printing-from-DT feature. Is there any way to solve this? Thanks!


Print control features such as margin setting, page numbering, etc. are among the most often requested features for DT. They will come in future versions.

For the time being, it’s best to use another application such as a word processor or notebook application to print your DEVONthink notes. For example, select a note, go the the menubar and select File > Export > RTF, then open the exported file in Word.

I’ve got many RTFD documents that contain images. Word can’t read that file format, so I’ve got to export as RTF, then copy the images into the Word document. That’s frustrating. Fingers crossed, Apple will improve this situation in Tiger. For the moment, I usually print my RTFD files using Notetaker as the printing intermediary, which does a good job for me.

Thanks, Bill. I thought I might have missed some hidden preference… I’ll be upgrading to Pro once it’s out, so maybe there will be more document control there. In any case, I’d be happy with just the margin issue (which seems basic); just having DT set some space so text doesn’t disappear on print.

Maria here replied to my similar complaint a while ago. You could search for it, but the bottom line is that she suggested using the keyboard combination Cmd-Shift-O when your RTF document in DEVONthink was selected to open the document with TextEdit. From there, the margins and wordwrap are still a little wonky, but at least you DO have margins.

That’s what I’ve been doing, and if not perfect, it’s worked well enough (with embedded images as well) without too much copying / pasting / and reformatting.

And no, DEVONthink Pro Beta does not have improved margins control (yet…?).



The tip about Cmd-Shift-O to open an RTF or RTFD document in TexEdit is a good one.

My troube is that usually when I’ve got to print something I also need headers and page numbering. Depending on the purpose and layout I usually choose NoteTaker, Create or Word to handle final output. NoteTaker is quick and easy if its layout structure is acceptable for the job. Create is next easiest, but requires work to handle graphics (but gives me great control of layout). Word takes the most work (but sometimes I’ve got to use it). Create is my choice when I’ve got to do fancy PDF, print and/or HTML output.

I found this thread, and need to announce that this is happening for me as well. I saw that the original thread was from 2003, but it is still occuring.


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Hi, Thomas:

Yes, everything in this thread is still current.

Have headers, page numbers, and margins been implemented yet? Or are we still waiting for a future version? (I saw this thread was over a year old and these features would be very convenient, so I thought I’d ask…)

The unavailability to control margins bugs me too. However there’s a much more elegant work arount - built into the Mac.

  1. Go to File > Page Setup…
  2. Choose from the Paper Size menu > Manage Custom Sizes… (last item)
  3. Click the little plus button bottom left. Double click on the new item and rename it.
  4. Enter for example 0.5 inch for top right left and bottom margins

Next time you print you must go FIRST to “Page Setup…” and choose your new setting. If you have a bigger printing job to do, you can choose “Save as default” in the Page Setup menu > “Settings” pull down menu, however that default will be the default for ALL applications across the Mac that will be launched after that configuration.

(all info here is valid for Tiger)


I wait also. It prints with smaller text if I simply press control-P when I highlight a RTF document in DEVONthink as compared to when I open the file and print it then.