Problem searching into symbols (like "C++")

Is this a bug in search or is intended? I’m searching for C++ (with quotations) but get some “C”-only items. Not a big problem, of course, only informing you.

As Operators & Wildcards are enabled the search syntax is identical to the one of the toolbar search and only alphanumerical characters are supported. Just disable this option to use a simply substring search and everything should be as expected.

I really don’t understand what you mean. I vaguely remember an option for that in the drop down box, but seems it is not anymore. Same with help files. They explain the use of operators and wildcards but not how to enable or disable. Btw, if I type “C++*” without quotes, nothing is found.

See option “Enable Operators & Wildcards” in the Search inspector.

Ah, ok, :sweat_smile:

But still does not work as I expect should work. Of course I could be completely mistaken, but still false “C” only appear in main search. What I want (or I expect) is if I type “C++” (with or without quotes, or any other syntax) I want C++ strings without “C” ones.

Let me explain. I do a C++ search:

I see a “wrong” document: the first one. I don’t want to see that document because it is “failing” because it has found “C” and not “C++”.

Now I select it:

Why “C” and not “C++”?

Then I follow your instructions, type C++ in search inspector and disable Operators & Wildcards, and that empties the inside document search, but main search still has the not wanted document (and others):

What I mainly want is a way to do a search for C++ and show in main list of documents only C++ found strings and not C-only.

Is there a way to search that?

Added: if I try to search a thing like ’ “C++” AND NOT “C”, nothing is found and the world ends in a contradiction and we all die. :joy: :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

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The toolbar search is based on the search index and supports only alphanumerical characters. Therefore C works, C++ doesn’t. The same limitation applies to the Search inspector if the option “Enable Operators & Wildcards” is enabled.

To search for C++ in one document, you can use the Search inspector and disable this option. But it’s not possible to search in the database(s) for C++.

Ok. No problem then.


The classic 0/0 conundrum :flushed:

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Why don’t you tag the files C++ ?

It is what I’ve done :wink:, manually selecting all matches in the search field… Now I need to remember to tag each new when adding. (I could create a smart group listing all “C++” without “C++” tag.

Or a Smart Rule :slight_smile:

In my case, this:

With my last 4 false positives to tag .false_C++_match