Problem selecting DT html text in table format

I currently don’t seem to be able to highlight individual words in an html table which has been imported into DT v1.7. This is the web page I saved using Safari 1.0 (v85);

I used drag and drop to add this file to DT, and it opens fine in that application. However, if I try to select a word from within the ‘table’ area of the html document in DT, the word does not select in any view except ‘Edit’. Individual words can be selected from other areas of the document without any problem.

If I then go to the top of this html page and drag down, all the text becomes highlighted (including the table). Furthermore, I can copy and paste the highlighted text (including table) into a new DT rich text document by using Command C then Command V. If however I use ‘CopyPaste-X’ (v.1.6 beta 2) to do this, only the non-tabled text is pasted into the new DT RTF document. In the RTFD document however, individual words in the table area are still not selectable.

Incedently, the reported file size for the html document is circa. 80kb, whilst the equivalent RTFD document is around 670kb. It therefore seems more efficient for me to store this only as html in DT.

Interestingly, I can select words from the table directly in the Safari browser, copy the words with CopyPaste-X and then paste the word(s) into a new DT rich text document. In this case, the resulting document remains as RTF, and the words are selectable. As the words in the original web page are white however, I then have to convert the RTF to plain text in order to see them.

Due to the fact that when copied and pasted from DT, the html text (with table) saves as a RTFD document (as opposed to RTF), I conclude that DT converts html tables into something like an image/object during import, and this is the reason I cannot select words in the table as normal text. Interestingly too, a DT search for one of the tabled words will find the respective html document (although the searched word will not be highlighted in the top right view window), but not find the equivalent RTFD document.



The workaround I have used was to bypass DT’s HTML importer by first selecting all the text in the browser window and then using the ‘Take Plain Note’ feature in the DT services menu. Unfortunately I loose the original table formatting though. I couldn’t use the ‘Take Rich Note’ option in this case, as the original text was white, and so would not be visible.

The file size is now a respectable 30kb for the plain text document, as opposed to circa 80kb (for the imported html document) and 670kb for the RTFD :wink:

That’s a limitation of the currently used HTML renderer of OS X. This will improve as soon as we’re going to use Apple’s WebKit and drop Mac OS X 10.1 support.

Thanks Mr. Grunenberg,

At least there is a workaround until the fix arrives  :)