Problem: Siri Shortcut “Open In” mimic for MD txt file in DTTG

This may be simple but I have yet to figure it out. Very little experience in Siri Shortcuts.

My desired workflow:
Want a Siri shortcut to work on Markdown txt file from DEVONThink ToGo into iA Writer.

Currently DTTG doesn’t allow “open in” the share sheet for iA Writer. I can “copy to” but for obvious reasons that is not acceptable. I can open from iA Writer successfully and have the changes reflected in DTTG, but I would like the reverse too.

I have been working with shortcuts to get this to work, but I can’t figure out how to parse the uuid into an openable url scheme for iA Writer.

I think iaWriter needs to implement Siri Suggestions for that to work.

OmniOutliner does this well. I have a shortcut that will open an OO file via a shortcut on the homescreen.