problem syncing indexed files (with a mounted volume)


I had this for some time know, but had to admit to myself that it a) really wrecks my nerves inbetween b) is keeping me from using DTP

the problem is, whenever I sync files I get a repeated systm message saying “connection failed. possibly the server is not existent or not functioning. …”
– all I really do is keeping my files in a sepereate volume from the system volume (a mounted disk image). there should be no problem with this for DT…

… can anyone help me keeping my nerves … and using DT :slight_smile:

thanks already!

How is the volume connected to your computer? FireWire, Ethernet, WLAN?

… that´s the thing: its on the same harddrive … just all files being inside a diskimage. no other drive involved…

Sounds like you are using an Indexed database. If so, you first used File > Index to capture data to your database, which was residing on your hard drive. Then you moved the database to a disk image, mounted the disk image and launched the database.

So far, so good. Although I generally use Import-captured databases, such an Indexed database should work properly when the disk image that hosts it is mounted and the database is launched.

If you open File > Database Properties the location of the database shows it is in the mounted disk image. Right?

Select an Indexed document or group. The Info panel’s Path field should show that its location is on your boot disk. Right? Note that if you had Index-captured content from an external drive that’s no longer mounted, the Path would be broken and Synchronization would fail.

If you had Index-captured a file that’s located in your User account Document folder, the Path should reflect that.

Question: Have you more than one User account on your computer, and have you switched accounts?

Is this an alert of the Finder or of Mac OS X? Or just a message in the system console? Finally, do you use ShapeShifter?


thanks for getting back. I am not that deep into systems and programmes, but try to answer

no; it says –library/application support/… – I have “hard-linked” the DT-folder from my disk-image volume to the library…

no: it says Volume/[Disk-Image-Volume]/…

hm, I have several. and I guess I also changed names during change of computers, which were at least 3 since I obtained the DT-license… hope that is an answer to that ?!

to me it looks like a finder message. if I would know how I would send a snapshot along. but its a window popping up showing the “network” icon, smaller grey box (ad the programme icon is bouncing in the dok in these cases.

looking at the console, it notes:

“2008-01-20 23:22:33.382 DEVONthink[29697] Connection to DevonDataHelper failed.
nbp_send: bind failed
nbp_lookup: nbp_send failed got=-1
nbp_send: bind failed
nbp_lookup: nbp_send failed got=-1”


hope these answers help locating. I might have not understood all implications of the questions… and would be glad for further help here! thanks already!

To create a screenshot, press Cmd-Shift-4, then Space, move the mouse over the alert window and click on it. A picture file should finally appear on your desktop.

… oh, thanks…, but I meant, waht I do not know, is how to attach this in a forum message … sorry if that wasn´t clear enough :unamused: … and let me know if that scrrenshot of the error message would help…

thanks again!

Just send it to our support email address - usually the forum isn’t the right place for screenshots or crash logs.

… did that…