Problem to grab content from DA through the Services menu


The title says it all. I’m in Devonthink Agent, I highlight something I’d to keep in one of my databases in Devonthink PE and use the Services menu (Devonthink > Take Rich Note). It doesn’t work when there are graphics in the webpage: only the text is in DT PE. What can I do to import everything? I have to copy and paste the graphics from DA. Not very convenient. Does the problem come from the operating system or from DA?

Power Mac G5, Mac OS 10.4.8.

Does this work if you’re trying to grab the same selection from the same page via Safari?

It doesn’t work with Safari either.

Then it’s probably a WebKit issue. But if you could provide me a sample URL & selection, I’ll check this over here too.

It’s on a pay-for website, it’s hard for me to send a link. I have this problem with gif files.

Another test would be to copy the selection, then use “New from Clipboard” of DEVONthink’s Dock menu. Does this work? Or are you able to paste the copied selection to TextEdit for example including the images?

“New from Clipboard” of DEVONthink’s Dock menu works. Great, thanks!

But why am I having problem with the same webpage when I use the Services menu? Oh well.

That’s difficult to tell. Both “New from Clipboard” and “Take Rich Note” use the same code internally and therefor the difference is probably what kind of data the original application (or actually the WebKit) provides to services/to the clipboard.

Before I discover DT products, I tested several notebooks and I notice it’s a big problem to grab webpage with graphics via the Services menu. Some apps crashed, others simply grabbed the webpage only with the text.

Ah operating systems are so mysterious sometimes :unamused:

I knew I had an email somewhere about this issue. I asked the developer of one of these notebooks why it’s such a problem to import a webpage with graphics via the Services menu. His reply: