Problem using Smart Folder script - more than just replicant

I have created a number of different ‘Smart Folders’ using the supplied scripts that came with my copy of DT Pro Office…specifically, I have one regular root folder called Color Labels, within which I have created 7 ‘Smart Folders’, one for each color label…

To the best of my understanding, this script was basically supposed to create a folder that would keep a live-updated replicant of any/all files/folder in my database that have a color label applied…correct?

My problem is this…I would like to now remove this group of Smart Folders entirely from my database, but before doing so I made sure to double-check and make sure that these various smart folders were filled with only replicants, and that they did not contain any original files (so that upon deleting the smart folders, I wouldn’t inadvertently delete the only copy of that original file as well)…Sure enough, there were tons of non-replicant files inside of these smart folders, for reasons completely unbeknownst to me??

I can tell they are the original versions of the file (not a replicant) because choosing ‘get info’ with one of these files selected signifies that there are no duplicates and no replicants of the chosen file anywhere else in my database.

Can someone help me figure out how to deal with this so that I can remove these smart folders without removing any original files in the process (and with out causing hundreds of replicants and/or duplicates to scatter into the depths of my database?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

Just select the non-replicated items and move them to a different group. Finally select the smart group and use the script Scripts > Smart Groups > Delete.