problem with 3-pane view

one thing i’ve noticed in the 3 pane view is that when i import new documents, where they used to show up at the bottom of the list, now they don’t show up anywhere. the only way i can find them is to search on them and then they show up in the results window belonging to no folder. so why aren’t they in the pane on the left? i can see them if i switch to a different view, they show up like before, but not in the 3 pane view.

wassup with that?

I did have the same problem ( … =8004#8004). You can see the document in the list view, but in the 3-pane view the left side shows only groups and the document is outside all groups - you can still see it there if you click on left side outside all groups.

I use now the suggested workflow with the “Show groups” Option that Bill_deVille replied to my post.

Don’t know if this is a bug or a feature …