Problem with Add Web Document to Devonthink script

I am running Devonthink Pro Office V 2.0.2, and Firefox 3.6.3. When I try to run the Add Web Document to Devonthink script, I get an error that says Firefox No browser is open/in front.

Up until recently I had no problem with this script.

Yes; broken.

Try instead: the DT bookmarklets are working in 3.6.3 - see Help > Bookmarklets in DTPO.

Unfortunately it’s up to Firefox to support AppleScript (reliably). Or services or useful drag & drop or support for .webloc files and so on. After all those years it’s still an awful Mac OS X citizen.

Many thanks for the help. The bookmarklet has got me back in shape.

If Firefox is not that good a Mac OS X citizen, is it better to use Safari or Opera?

Safari is much faster and more efficient for capturing data to DEVONthink than Firefox or Opera.