Problem with cleaning database on WebDAV

Three-way sync (desktop, laptop, iPhone) been working fine for weeks on my custom WebDAV server. I am syncing 2 different databases (plus the global inbox) with encryption.

After renewing the SSL certificate for my server, I get a strange error in DT: “Verification of uploaded item failed.”

  • If I do “Verify location quickly”, I get “Location successfully verified”.
  • In Preferences > Sync, I can see one of the databases, as well as the global Inbox, being successfully synchronized (the last sync time is right now).
  • If I use “Clean Database” on the database generating the error, it is wiped from the server (“Not yet synchronized, upload database”). If I then uncheck and check the database’s tickbox, I again get “Verification of uploaded item failed.”

I have no idea which item is causing the problem and how to locate it, because it looks like this:

Obviously the WebDAV server is working because the other database is syncing as it should.

How can I fix this? I remember previously fixing this error by physically deleting the dtCloud file on the server but this is annoying to do every time just because a single file causes an error somewhere. Also, it requires all other devices to resync the entire database.


And what is reported when you do a Verify Thoroughly on the sync location?

How do I do that? I only have these options when I right-click the location.

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 18.44.47

From Troubleshooting > Sync Issues > Verify & Clean in the built-in Help and manual

Thanks. If I do that I get “47 failed downloads, 0 invalid checksums”. Curiously, the number of items checked (in the progress bar) was less than 600, but I have a total of more than 10000 items in both databases.

Anything else I should check or do? Or should I just delete the dtCloud again?

EDIT: I’ve looked inside the package content on the server for the .items file reported in the log, it’s not there. Don’t know if this helps. It seems it’s a different file every time time, though, although I can’t be sure as the files names are not easy to read.

A clean and resync is necessary in this case.

As I explained above, sync fails after clean. I just tried it again. “Database successfully cleaned”, followed by “Verification of uploaded item failed”.

Start a support ticket.