Problem with copy selection hotkey


Here is my problem:

Highlight a file in Finder -> Activate the copy selection hotkey using the keyboard shortcut -> Some other file in the same folder is highlighted, no file is copied to my inbox.

Strangely enough, this does not happen all the time. Sometimes it just copies and sometimes it copies after I try a couple of times.

Any help will be much appreciated.



Works here. The default keyboard shortcut (in Preferences > Sorter) is Shift-Option-Command-F12.

On my ModBook (custom tablet based on MacBook) with an Apple wireless keyboard I have to also press the “fn” key as part of that shortcut, which I do by using my little finger to simultaneously press ‘Shift’ and ‘fn’ – a bit of finger gymnastics. :slight_smile:

But when the shortcut is properly executed on selected text the capture to Inbox is successful.

Thanks for the response Bill.

My problem continues no matter what shortcut combination I use or how careful I am while pressing the key combination :slight_smile: As I said in my previous post, you never know when it is going to work. It is just random. I also tried the fn trick you mention but still no luck.

I guess I will have to drag and drop the files to the sorter which I don’t like as a keyboard person.