Problem with Custom Metadata

I am completely new to DT and still testing it with a trial version.
I am syncing my DT database with dropbox on two Macs, one at home and one at work.
I enabled two default “Custom Metadata” in Preferences (author and ISSN/ISBN).

The problem is, every time I launch DT after using DT on another Mac, all the “Custom Metadata” would gone. (I attached two screenshots here)

I also tried the method from another post, deleting the “CustomMetaData.plist” in Library > Application Support > DEVONthink 3 after quitting DT to reset all the default values of “Custom Metadata”.
However, when I restore the default values of “Custom Metadata” on Mac A, all the “Custom Metadata” on Mac B would be lost when I use DT on that Mac the next time, so I have to do the same thing on that Mac, and so on.

I am not sure is this behaviour related to sync, though it seems so to me. Thank you for any suggestion or advices.

This is not recommended as this might confuse the synchronization. What kind of sync location do you use?

Thank you for your reply, I am using dropbox, I tried both with and without Encryption.

You didn’t explain what the problem is or your question. What is the failure you need help with? What are the symptoms of the problem?

My best suggestion is that your next step would be to re-read the Manual on how to setup a sync which uses Dropbox as the intermediary transport method.

Encrypting the “sync store” on Dropbox is recommended in the Manual. It will protect the files on Dropbox.

My understanding is that this is the problem :wink:

The easiest fix right now is probably to clean the sync store, set up the desired custom metadata on one Mac, copy the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/CustomMetadata.plist to the other Macs and finally upload the databases to the sync store again.

Got it, thank you!