Problem with DEVONthink Pro Beta 2 and Widgets

If DEVONthink Pro is not active and Dashboard is invoked with DEVONthink widgets installed, DEVONthink Pro will automatically load in the background, but the DEVONthink Pro menu will not be available. The toolbar is accessible as are all the files, but clicking on the toolbar will do nothing. DEVONthink must be loaded before invoking Dashboard for things to work properly. I’m also having some problems with the DEVONjot Pro widget, but that’s for another post.

Be sure to replace the previous Widgets with the new ones for DT Pro 1.0p2.

Widgets were replaced, but problem still persists.

This was a specific bug that I made sure has been fixed, so let’s check to have the proper widgets installed and the Dashboard properly initialised.

First close the widgets in the Dashboard. Then check both /Library/Widgets and /Users/<your_login>/Library/Widgets and remove all DEVON widgets from there. Log out, log back in. Install the widgets, don’t start the application and activate the Dashboard.

Once you’ve done this, is DEVONthink Pro still started when you activate the Dashboard? In that case, send me a private message and we will try to find out what’s going on with your machine.