Problem with DevonThink startup after uninstalling Trickster

Trickster allows for quick access to recent docs, and I installed the suggested add-on script to include recent DevonThink items.

I installed an app called Trickster (a recent doc manager) which I did not like, so I did a complete uninstall using clean my mac (not just deleting the .app file).

Despite uninstalling Trickster, every time I start DevonThink I see the window below.

A script must be running “somewhere”. I check my Mac OS login and launch item and it is not there.

thanks in advance for your time and help


Removing the smart rule Track with Trickster should fix this.


Yes, startup is fine now. Thank you (again) Christian !

I cannot find any Trickster File or something else. But i have the same problem. Is there an Uninstaller or any further help? Thanks in advance

See smart rules in sidebar.


i tried, i cannot find any possibility to delete, the error still exists.

thanks, after re-installation i saw the smart rule und delete. hope now it is ok