Problem with DTPO Widgets

I have DTPO 1.5.4 and I can’t seem to get the Jot Widget to work. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any ability to connect to DTPO documents via the search widget. Should I be able to open a document from the search widget? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Keith

You have to click in the upper-left part of the note field in order to be able to type. This is some unfortunate “feature” of the Dashboard/WebKit combo that I have not been able to resolve.

In the search widget you can double-click on an entry and it will open it in a new window in DEVONthink Pro.

Thanks very much! Both of those things worked for me. I suspect that there will be some significant changes in version 2, so please let me know if I should wait for the release, but I would love it if I could have the result of clicking on a link in a widget be that a 3-pane window opens up with the folder selected on the left, the file selected on the top, and the contents displayed below - that would be a great way to be able to view a collection of related documents. Can something like that be done now? If not, do you anticipate that it will be possible in version 2?

Thanks again for your help with this!