Problem with edited PDF file...

Version: DevonThink Pro Office

Cropped PDF in Acrobat Pro, selected in DT, show up correctly when selected in DT. When converted to readable PDF, the new file has all of the original page back.

We have been looking for sometime for a document management application to handle one of the largest collections of papers, images, whatever else we currently have, outside of a certain company. Documents dealing from the 1920’s through current. Hundreds of thousands of documents, spanning millions of pages. May sound large, but the fact that we can pull the files out of DT back in to a regular file structure was one of the pluses for our choice.
Also, the ability to scan in the documents as a PDF, transfer them over to my primary system, and drag them into the correct location in the database. A lot of the documents we have we xerox’s made in the 80’s and 90’s before scanning wasn’t a dream for archivists. We have a lot of dead space, black space which can mess up OCR, on the pages which I am trimming out.

  • I right click on the PDF, select open with > Acrobat Pro, make the needed crop on the pages in the file, and save it.
  • The file looks good in DT when I look at it.
  • I do the same for all the PDF’s that need it in the group
  • Select all of the PDF’s and right click, select Convert To > Searchable PDF
  • When it completes, everything I have spent time cropping out is back

This is a big problem as we really like the ability to bulk convert the files. This last weekend we scanned in 800 documents, roughly 3700 pages, and set it to run the conversion during the night.
The only way to get the file to look and read correctly with out everything being added back in is to do all the work in Acrobat Pro, which now negates one of the biggest benefits of Pro Office.

Any ideas of how to get this to run correctly, or am stuck having to work around this massive problem?

From my own experience, I know that Acrobat cropping does not always work as expected. However, this is difficult to diagnose in a forum dialog. I’d suggest you zip up some examples and send them to DTech Support.

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