Problem with export function

I’m trying to export a selection of mails archived in DVT Pro Office to Apple Mail.
I selected some mails
and clicked on mailbox Unix in File / Export.
Within Apple Mail, I choosed File / import mailboxes… mbox.
Process was ok
But when I open the imported box, I find only one mail (in the 7 selected) :unamused:
Could you please help me ?
Thanks in advance…

Was the mbox complete or did it have .partial in the name?

Thanks for your fast response.

It did’nt have .partial in the name.

when I examine the mbox file with Textedit:
all the messages are there !
but only the first one is loaded in Apple Mail …

I tryed the same operation on two Mac’s

  • one under Sierra
  • another under El Capitan
    Same result…


an other test:
I ‘marked’ 6 of the 7 messages before the export -> Mail

Only the first is loaded
but in fact, It’s a ‘mix’ of some mails…
:confused: :confused:

Do you have any other suggestion to reload the messages in Apple Mail ???

Thanks again

No. We have no control over what Apple Mail does. But why aren’t you just dropping the mbox file on the Pro Office dock icon or using File > Import > Email, then choosing Unix Mailbox ?

I used File > Import …

Btw, I just installed Opera Mail to test the import from DVT:
same problem !
only one mail comes in the box.

I made maybe a mistake but where ???

Not sure. Yesterday, I right-clicked my Inbox and exported an mbox of it. When I tried the import in Pro Office, it showed 8600+ emssages available to import.

It’s possible your mailbox is incoherent. Select it and choose Mailbox > Rebuild and try it again.

I already rebuilded my mailboxes in Apple Mail.
All seems to be ok but it doesn’t change the result of my test :frowning:

If I understand you, you made an import from Mail to Devonthink.
My need is to make an export from Devonthink to Apple Mail (via a mbox file)

Ahh… that was unclear. There is a bug in the export mechanism. Development will have to look at this.

Thanks for your responses…

I hope that they’ll find a solution :exclamation:


Thanks for the bug report, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Thanks a lot.


The problem is relatively simple to fix.

DTP for some reason improperly delimits messages in a mbox file using a two-character sequence 0xC2A7, which renders as “§” in a text editor. This should have been a newline.

The fix is to export the messages to a mbox file, open it with your favorite text editor (BBEdit or even TextEdit), highlight that character, press cmd-E to select it as the find target, press cmd-F to bring up a “Find…” dialog, and set a newline or carriage return as the replacement. Replace, save the file, and import with Mail.