Problem with export of imported opml files

Well, it´s a more a drag and drop problem. opml is imported as folder and textfiles. My character encoding for import is set to auto but I tried different settings as well. In DEVONthink everything looks fine, but when I try to drag the textfile out of DT, let´s say into a Pages document, all of the german umlauts are replaced by symbols. It happens also, when I just choose the “open with” dialog in DT and choose TextEdit. It opens the file as text only, but also with the symbol replacement. Normal export as files and folders is fine. I´m currently using the actual DT 2 (v.7) beta.

Word and Mellel doesn´t have any problems with that. It seems it is reduced to Apple texteditors.

Could you send the OPML file to cgrunenberg - at - Then I could try to reproduce this over here, thanks.