Problem with filtering only using label without using ratings

Not sure if this is how it is meant to work but when I use the filter on bottom of the navigation pane.

and I only want to filter by label but would like any configuration of stars (ratings). to apply it does not do that. It will only do it combined with ratings, zero to five.

I guess this is also the case with the date filter. Is there a way of using each independently?

The flag does work independently. I see both flagged and unflagged items when I do the to do label.

These are essentially AND filters, e.g., flagged and unread, rated and labeled, etc.
Development would have to assess alternative behaviors though this is the first request I recall.

By flagged the choices are not unflaged and flagged but rather flagged and any. By ratings it does not work that way. There is no any option.
Actually the any ratings option does work before applying any stars but once you go back to no stars it does not convert it to any but it means something that has no stars.

Got it.
Development would have to look into this.


Is there any response from development?

That’s not possible currently due to limitations of the used ratings control.