Problem with folder 3-pane-view in DT

When looking at any folders in DT, while using 3-pane-view, it feels like the list of items gets pushed up so much so the first few items are hidden under the top design element where the path is shown:

If you switch the view to list vew, the entire list is viewable:

What if I prefer 3-pane-view: how can I reset the list to completely appear?

Right now, if I’m in a RSS feed with just one item, I can’t right-click on it to delete it, for instance.

Which version of macOS and DEVONthink do you use? Does a restart of the app fix this?

Big Sur 11.4 on MBP on M1 with DT running on 3.7.2.

As for app restart: it opens in list view and shows top items under the path element on top (so same wrong as 3-pane). If I then click on 3-pane, the problem persists. However, again clicking on list view shows the correct view with all items to be seen.

Is this the same in a second window? Over here it’s looking as expected (same versions).

What is a second window? On a different monitor? Or in 3-pane-view the next window to the right of the list? If I am in 3-pane-view, the first window to the left is showing the wrong behaviour and the middle one as well.

A similar thing is when I open markdown files that are longer than what is shown they seem to center in a way that the top is slightly out of view.

Press Option-Command-N to open a new main window. Do you see the same issue ?

PS: Just to preemptively avoid any confusion, there is no Three Pane view in DEVONthink 3.

I had / have a similar problem, however it only occurs when using DT in full screen mode for a while, not when just using it as a regular window…

What OS?

MacOS…we had discussed that previously via a trouble ticket…

What version of macOS? 11.4 like the original poster?

PS: I go through tons of support tickets every week and most people use a forum handle that’s not their real name, so cross-referencing between the forums and support tickets is often not easily done.

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Sorry, my mistake with 3-pane-view. I mean this:

What I thought is 3-pane-view

As for Option-Command-N: this works perfect. Shows correct list formatting for list and the other view.

No worries!
And that’s Column view. :slight_smile:

I should be more adventurous - I saw column view without realizing you can horizontally scroll. My new favorite mode - column view, hidden sidebar, and for a nice big picture of where I am, preview mode “none,” since you still get a preview if you scroll all the way to the right.

Regarding the bug, I see the same thing but can vertically scroll to see what’s under the toolbar. Could this be a problem with just the right number of elements, with just the right screen scaling? No scrolling, size just off by enough to mask some stuff?

Just a wild guess, being a little restless and trying to avoid real work. I’m a slacker…

I wonder whether it’s related to system preferences as columns view is my preferred view and I don’t experience this issue (same macOS version). A screenshot of System Preferences > General would be useful.

Like this?

or this?

A screenshot of System Preferences > General, not of DEVONthink’s Preferences > General would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Does it make a difference if you change the Rollbalken einblenden option?

I think it does. I can’t reproduce my own error anymore. I had to remember to set everything back to column view (what I referred to as 3-pane-view wrongly), and it shows up always perfect, with the item at the top still viewable.