Problem with folders as tags

After setting up a sync store on Dropbox and creating a new database I uploaded some files and folders. I noticed I wasn’t able to choose to display folders as tags like I used to do with a Bonjour sync solution. The corresponding checkbox in the info window is greyed out. Is there a reason for that or did I overlook something?

Do you mean in the Database Properties? If so, could you post a screencapture?

Yes, I mean in the Database Properties. This screen shot shows the info for a folder but the same goes for individual files.

I just found the solution to my problem: I need to check the appropriate checkbox in the Database Properties window of the new Database in the left sidebar and only then can I check or uncheck the corresponding checkbox for the the individual groups and files in the Get Info window.

Thanks anyway for the very fast reply.

Yep. :smiley: