Problem with Google Scholar plugin?

In my searches with DA, it has seemed to me that it’s been ignoring Google Scholar results.

So as a test, I’ve created a new search set with just one plugin: The Google Scholar plugin.

I then do a search for “Towards a Notion of Distributed Time for Petri Nets” (with the quotes).

I can see on the Log tab that it does hit, and that the resulting page has the exact link I want (second link). However, in the Pages tab I don’t see that result. I do see other results in the Pages tab that bring me to the right document (presumably found after DA followed the “Web Search” link in Google Scholar), but it’s worrying that I see nothing concerning the second link from Google Scholar.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something in particular about the link that I want to see ( that is preventing this from working? Is it because the URL has .pdf in it? I’ve tried both “Linked Documents” and “Linked Binary Files” in the scanner dropdown, and it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Thanks in advance,
Jay P.

We’ll release an update soon updating/fixing almost all plugins.

So it is a problem with the plugin then, and not just a misunderstanding of something on my part? I thought also it might be related to the actual URL that I’m looking for. Going to that URL directly results in about 4 browser redirects. Can DA handle that?

Jay P.

That’s correct.

The redirects of Safari and DEVONagent are identical and therefore I guess this works as expected.

Ok. My only thought was that a redirect might be considered another level of links, and it would stop looking at the page if the number of redirects went past my desired link level.

Thanks a lot,
Jay P.

No, redirects don’t have any impact on searching or following links.