Problem with "import site"

Many of the sites I import don’t allow me to click links off-line. Some sites import properly, that is, I can click on a link and I am directed WITHIN the imported site and it works. But many links, even on imported sites whose links go to the SAME PAGE, don’t link WITHIN the imported site, but want to take me on-line. For example:

This example has a table of contents whose links go to the SAME PAGE, yet it still wants me to have an internet connection!

Any ideas? :cry:

How did you import the site? Via the download manager? Or as a web archive?

With the Download Manager, of course. I did not save the page as a `abc.webarchive’, whose links of course take you back out to the Internet.

About 70% of my imported sites (whose icons in DEVONthink look like little harddrives) are properly transformed so that the links are redirected to the intra-DEVONthink pages, which have been imported just for this purpose. But sometimes – as you discovered yourself by trying to import my example via the Download Manager:

– the links are not properly transformed, and they want to go out to the original online site!

The stuff imported via the download manager can neither handle resources requested on-demand by JavaScript nor redirects. Therefore you might try if disabling JavaScript will make a difference, otherwise I’d recommend to use web archives or printed PDF documents. Or create a new environment without any network interface to go really offline.