Problem with importing emails witch MS Office attachments

Hi Everybody !

I have DevonThink Pro Office and use it with Mai. Have two problems:

First, when I import emails witch attachments .doc .xls, they are imported without it. I can see in Devonthink icons and attachments name but can’t open or index it.

I have add ons installed already two times :frowning:

Second problem is when I would like replay to email from DevonThink. It opens MailPilot widow instead of Mail – I can’t find where I can change default mail client in DevonThink. Mail is default mail client in my Maverick OS.

Is there an easy solution to these problems ???


  1. Your imported email messages do contain the attachments. By default, the mail messages are displayed using Apple’s Quick Look, and the attachments are not available. If you click on the Text Alternative button in the navigation bar immediately above the pane in which the message is displayed the display will change to rich text, and you can double-click on them to open them in their ‘parent’ application.

  2. Apparently you have installed Mail Pilot for Mac and designated it as the default email client in Mail’s Preferences. If you wish to open a selected message under Mail, Control-click on the selection, choose Open With… and then choose Mail.