Problem with importing Safari bookmarks DA ver 3.x

Hi, I just got a new Macbook Air (Lion). The ability to import Safari bookmarks into DEVONagent Pro is greyed out.

Also, would anyone know how to to get the 1Password icon to show up?

These two things work on my main computer (Snow Leopard).

Is this an operating system problem, or is there somehting I am missing?


You can import the bookmarks from various browsers and this will either create new search sets (if Window > Search Sets is active) or new bookmarks (if a browser window is active).

To use the latest Safari bookmarks for browsing (e.g. the bookmarks pane and the Go menu), just enable them via Preferences > Bookmarks and nothing has to be imported.

Christian, I do have Preferences > Bookmarks enabled, but I get nothing in the Bookmarks pane or Go menu. Everything is greyed out. Under File > Import, only Sets and OPML are black. Under the GO menu, only Add under Workspaces is available.

Think I have a corrupted install? Everything is working fine on my regular computer, but as I indicated, its running SL. The MBA is running Lion.