Problem with installing Safari extension DTP 2.3


Just registered a new copy of DT Pro 2.3 and installed the add-ons during the installation process.

This gave two problems:

  1. the Safari ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ extension appears on the tool bar OK, but when I click on the icon I get the message “THIS PUBLIC BETA HAS EXPIRED ON DECEMBER 31, 2009”. The extension version is 1.2.1

I have tried uninstalling the extension and and quiting both Safari and DTPro and reinstalling but I get the same problem.

  1. When installing the add-ons, I selected the Firefox extension, assuming it would add the extension automatically to the Mac Firefox in the dock. Instead it fired up Parallels and tried to add the extension to the windows version of Firefox, which was a bit confusing to start with:-(

Is there a more up to date version of the safari extension that I have missed?

Background: I did have a copy of DT v1.x previously, now removed.
Mac OS 10.6.8 on MacPro tower 3,1.


I have what appear to be novice questions but they have been a problem for quite a while:

Running DTP 2.8.5
Hello, I’m unable to use the DTP extension button in Safari that used to link to the software. Instead it takes me to the Top Sites webpage. On Apples page I’m unable to locate it as well.

And I still can’t see Sorter after numerous attempts at turning it on and off.

Is there away to open a desktop specific for DTP windows and save the windows up closing?

I have Kissel’s book if that matters. Thanks in advance

To both of the above posters: Are you running the public beta of El Capitsn?

Seeing as the first posting was in 2011 – that would have been an amazing feat even by Cupertino insider standards :laughing:

You got me! I should have looked at the date of the first post. :blush:

But my question was appropriate for the second post. Apple will start curating Safari extensions, rather than allowing developers to directly install them.

As to the Sorter issue:

A number of users have experienced disappearance of the Sorter (including me). This may to be related to a bug in Yosemite.

If the Sorter has disappeared and cannot be shown from DEVONthink Preferences > Sorter - Show:

  1. In DEVONthink Preferences > Sorter make sure that
    1a) Start Sorter at Login is checked; and
    1b) The Sorter is Quit.

  2. Quit the DEVONthink application. (Important!)

  3. In the Finder, click on Go in the menubar, then on Go to Folder. In the query field type or paste the following: “~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist” (without the quotation marks!).

  4. Select the file named com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist and Control-click on it, then select the option to Move it to the Trash.

  5. Restart the computer. Launch the DEVONthink application.

  6. In DEVONthink Preferences > Sorter click on the button to Show the Sorter.

The Sorter tab should now be visible and functional.

If the bug strikes again, repeat this procedure. Apple has announced that the next upgrade of OS X will focus on eliminating bugs, speed and security.This will resemble the update from Leopard to Snow Leopard and will be welcome. Despite the public beta period, Yosemite is one of the buggiest releases of OS X.