Problem with iOS sync on iPhone and iPad

I have the latest version of DT3 and DTTG installed on my iPhone and iPad and keep getting th error -1005, ‘the network connection was lost’ and my iPhone is not updating the sync store in Dropbox. Af first I thought it may be because i was running Express VPN, but i switched that off on my M1 MacBook Pro and also on my iPhone and ipad but the problem persists. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Joe

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Have you tried rebooting the devices?

hi Jim,
yes. I did that. Rebooted the MacBook, the iPhone and the iPad Pro. No luck tho. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

Are you seeing other network interruptions?

Hi Jim,
I did have some problems with Big Sur (as did many) when it was first released giving dodgy network connections (mainly over wifi). But over past while it’s been pretty stable. So, no other network interruptions that I’m aware of. Also, I have a wired ethernet connection back to the hub downstairs (I live in a victorian flatted Villa with very thick walls), and I have a wifi repeater as well upstairs. I have a pretty good internet connection.

Please start a support ticket from the Mac. Thanks.

Hi Jim,
did that - and sent it.
Not sure if you wanted me to enclose anything or not. Couldn’t figure out how to, but no doubt you’ll put me right on the ticket.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: