Problem with iStat Menus

I use iStat Menus and if I click onto any menu item of iStat Menus I can select other menu items of iStat Menus by hovering my mouse without having to click onto it.

If I check Start at login for DEVONagent Express, I cannot select any other menus of iStat Menus by hovering my mouse, I am having to click again onto them.

This problem only happens if DEVONagent Express is in my login items. I suppose it does something wrong while loading itself at login. There’s no problem if I open it by clicking its application icon after login.

Two short videos to describe the problem: (DEVONagent is not in login items) (DEVONagent is in login items)

Thank you for the bug report! DEVONagent Express is just an ordinary application and shouldn’t have any impact on other applications but we’ll have a look at this.

Shouldn’t have, but it has. I noticed that it effects native system menus as well; like Scripts, Time Machine, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and Sound.

I disabled Arrange (window manager) as suggested by DEVONtech and noticed that the problem has gone. I contacted to the makers of Arrange, they suggested me to mark Arrange as hidden in the login items and problem solved.