problem with list and RTF

When I use list in RTF document, DTPO uses a bullet and all works fine. If I press TAB I go in a sub-list and DTPO uses a - as symbol. al works fine until I press -return- and write a new line in the sub-list. DTPO do not use anymore the font i was using, but uses a lucida 13 bold.
Everytime I have to reset the font I’m using, or manually change the bullet of the sub-list with the bullet.
This is not a DTPO bug, but a osx bug I think (textedit has got the same problem).
Is there a way to bypass this bug without in DTPO ‘forcing’ DTPO to keep the right font in sub-list?

thank you.


The easiest “fix” coming to my mind is to use Cmd-2 and Cmd-4 to copy & paste the desired style.

E.g. select some text having the right style, press Cmd-2, select the lines of the list with a wrong style and press Cmd-4.

I tried, I found Cmd-3 and Cmd-4 to copy-paste the font is a good trick.
Anyway could be nice if DTPO could “fix” this osx problem in future.

Thank you.


Have you found a better solution to this problem? It’s forced me back to using MS Word in outline mode (plagues Scrivener as well)

DT is using Apple’s Cocoa text routines for text editing, and it’s unlikely that DT will by-pass those routines.

I do most of my writing in DT Pro Office as rich text documents. I often need additional formating and layout features for the final output. So at some point I transfer my draft material to a more capable word processor for final polishing, including headers and footers, footnotes, endnotes with hypertext links and so on.

Because my final output is usually PDF, I use Papyrus 12 most of the time, as it has a hybrid PDF format that allows me to see the documents as PDF in my database but they remain fully editable in Papyrus, so that I can continue to make changes after saving to my database. For some purposes I use Apple’s Pages, especially if I need MS Word output. If I’m doing a book-length project I will always use Papyrus 12, as it remains quick with long documents.

Because those PDFs usually have working hyperlinks that simply carry over to the PDF from my Papyrus or Pages files, I avoid MS Word like the plague as it would require me to recreate hyperlinks following PDF conversion. Papyrus is more powerful than Pages and, although it has some un-Mac-like features that seem a bit dated, the hybrid PDF file feature makes it completely compatible with DT Pro as I see in my database the document exactly as it was formatted and laid out (including where necessary spreadsheet tables), yet the file remains editable, so that I can open it under Papyrus again, make changes and those changes are visible in my database following synchronization. And because those hybrid PDF files are viewed as PDF on any platform, I don’t have to worry about directly sending them as attachments to others - no compatibility problems.

The choice of word processors is often highly individual - I’m not urging everyone to switch to Papyrus 12. It’s powerful, but some people won’t like it. For me the “killer” feature in Papyrus is that hybrid PDF file format, as I don’t have to do conversions to see correctly rendered documents in my database, or to easily make changes with a command from my database, opening the document in Papyrus and saving it with changes.