Problem with log message and upload of files

Since weeks I get messages in my log, telling me that there are 74 items still to be uploaded. “Eingang - 74 noch hochzuladende Objekte”.

How can I find these items, there is no hint in the log about filenames etc.

When I try to repair the database (INBOX), I get this message: “0 Inkonsistenzen, 0 ungültige Dateinamen, 74 fehlende und 0 verwaiste Dateien gefunden.”

They cannot be repaired, I get this message : " Reparatur fehlgeschlagen 74 Fehler übrig".

I would like to locate these files.

This has been discussed here before. A search for “pending” should reveal the relevant thread(s).

Also, in this and other contexts, it would be helpful to provide more detail like “are you indexing or importing the files”, “which version of DT, which operating system and which version of it are you using”), “which sync method” etc etc.

Missing files are logged to Windows > Log and can be afterwards trashed or revealed via the contextual menu. Pending files can be found via a toolbar search for item:pending

Thanks for this helpful answer.

The case was kindly settled in a private support.

The problem was not pending files, but missing indexed files from an offline cloud folder. Just for those looking for a solution to the same problem.

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