Problem with PDF file created by DT

I recently scanned a document with DT Pro Office (1.5), exported the file as a PDF, and sent it to a Windows user, who reported that, when opened, the PDF was completely blank. I then opened it in Acrobat, saved it as an Adobe Acrobat PDF, and resent it, but the result was the same. Is there any particular reason why this might be happening, or are PDFs created by DT not compatible with Windows?


Are you using DT Pro Office 1.5.4? Leopard or Tiger operating system? The PDFs were viewable under Acrobat on your Mac?

I’ve sent several scanned/OCRd PDFs — contracts, legal documents requiring signature, etc. — to Windows users, without problems.

What email application are you using?

I’m using DT Pro Office 1.5.4 on OS 10.4.11, and the PDF was properly viewable with Acrobat.

I’m using Thunderbird as my e-mail application, but I can’t imagine this being a problem since I regularly send PDFs created from word-processing applications to Windows users.