Problem with repairing database

I’m running DEVONthink 3 (version 3.6.1). One of my databases has a problem – when I run “verify and repair,” it says – “Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 invalid filenames, 1 missing and 0 orphaned files.”
Okay. When I tell it to Repair, it says, “Repair Failed.”
I went to the log window, and saw which file is missing. (It’s not a crucial one.)
How do I simply delete this file reference, and thereby ‘clean up’ the database? I can’t see a way to do this. I can move the file reference that produces this error to Trash, but then it’s still in the same database’s trash folder, and that means I get same error message when I try to verify & repair.
Until I fix this, I can’t backup the database, so obviously it’s something I’d like to take care of. Thanks.

You could empty the trash, I guess.


Well, duh. Of course. I simply forgot how simple that was. Never mind, sorry!!!