Problem with saving a modified template


I have a template in my Library/Application Support/Devonthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex folder which is a Apple Pages document which I use for writing letters.

The idea is to create a new Pages document with the template, then do the modifications and then save it.

I have the problem that Pages will not save the modified version of the template. I have a workaround that is like this: copy the file to the desktop, delete the file inside of DT, modify the file on the desktop and then import it back to DT. But this seems very stupid.

Some time ago, my intended workflow actually worked, but sometime something went wrong, I guess it relates to some update which I did to OS X or DT.

Does anyone has some help to offer?

Thank you very much,

If you are wanting to make changes to the template itself, go to the Data menu, New from Template, Open Templates Folder, which will take you to the location for your templates in the Finder. Open the document from there into Pages, then make/save your changes. Note that in Pages you want to save the document in the normal Pages format, not as a Pages template document.

If you are having problems saving a new document in Pages that was created from a template in DEVONthink, that’s another issue. Most likely the document was created with Pages’ Save as Template… command (see above).

Thank you very much, now it works! Your second thought adressed my problem, and I was able to get it solved with your advice. Thank you again,

best regards,