Problem with saving annotated PDFs

I’m working with a fresh installation of DTTG 2.0.1 and bought the Pro version. I’m using the app in german. I can annotate PDFs, but very often the app can’t save them. The app then shows an error message “Could not save annotations”, which is also written to the log/protocol. The problem seems to apply to certain PDFs. I can annotate these PDFs without a problem in other apps like GoodReader.

Please start a Support Ticket and ZIP and send at least one PDF that doesn’t work. Thanks.

What was the reason for this behaviour. I have similar problems with some pdf’s

In DTTG annotating is possible, but can not be saved (same error as in the first posting)
In DT Pro it is not possible to annotate these pdf’s.

In other applications (i.e. Documents 5 (ios)) annotating is possible without problems with the same pdfs.

Again, please start a Support Ticket.