Problem with saving specific page as pdf

When I try to save this page (many images) as a pdf I am getting a blank page

Does a similar thread already exist? I mean a thread where the users could post border cases of sites where they have a problem to clip, so developers may use this to improve clipper in next releases

works fine here. i used share button to save as an uncluttered web archive. and i used share button to use the “make pdf” shortcut.

exactly what did you do ?

I simply use the share button to save it as pdf. I didn’t know about the way you proposed, it works also for me, thanks!

My problem is solved, thanks! I still wonder why there was a problem with this site in the first place, it was because of some scripts on this site.

There’s likely an ‘option’ in small blue letters at the top of the share sheet that you can click.

When you click that option text/button, you can choose whether you want to save the page as a webarchive, PDF or several other formats.

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Thanks, I know and use this option.

By mistake I chose the wrong category, my post was about DT not on DTTG (which I changed now).

The new information I learned from @rmschne that saving as an uncluttered web archive and converting to pdf works generally better than saving directly as pdf.

Which version of macOS do you use?

The way I do the vast majority of web articles I want to retain is

a) in Safari show in Reader View with the key stroke shift-command-R (as I filters out adverts and all the “pretty” stuff that only adds bytes),
b) Print with shift-command-P,
c) then pick “Save to DEVONthink 3” under the PDF button

This way usually picks up up Title and URL. Could probably do the above in one keystroke with KeyBoard Maestro, but I can’t be bothered.

I use Big Sur 11.2. I also tried to save as html and then convert to pdf in DT, but this yield the same results.

Saving to webarchive and converting webarchive to pdf works fine and give me pdf with all the stuff.

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