Problem with scanning using queue

Hi, hope someone can help.

I’m currently scanning lots of documents into DEVONthink using a HP475dn printer/scanner/copier. All software/drivers etc up to date.

I’m using the ‘queue’ function and recently the last document in the queue has always failed to scan - the paper runs through the document feeder and out the other side, but the status does not change from “scanning”. I cannot delete the document from the queue unless I quit DEVONthink and restart it, whereupon the status changes to “queued” and I am able to delete it.

This is a recent occurrence; I have successfully scanned using this method as recently as yesterday. Have tried restarting the Mac and the printer.

Anyone any ideas?

Ok, I’ve worked it out - 2 pages were getting stuck together in the middle of the scan and feeding through at the same time - that meant the expected number of pages was one less than had fed through which meant the scan was not being completed.