Problem with scanning


Since some days ago i have a problem with DTO and my Canoscan LIDE (25 & 35) on my MacBook with Lion.

I have used the Beta scanner-plugin and adjusted a rotation of a scan. Since then i get a this message every time i use the scanning-plugin (not the beta) on both scanners

“Sie haben eine benutzerdefinierte Drehung eingestellt. Wollen Sie diese behalten oder Rückgängig machen?” (“They have set a custom rotation. Do you want to keep it or undo?”)

I would like to get rid of this message and it´s effect: if i use “keep” all scans are rotated be 90°, if i rotate them with the software i get the scan rotated by 90° but the orientation keeps landscape. This means the image is compressed on the height of the landscape canvas.
All rotations in both beta and original plugin are set to 0°.

Any help would be appreciated.


A. Wolff