Problem with sorter/take note hotkey in fullscreen mode

I have a problem with the sorter/take note hotkey. When I’m not in fullscreen mode, everything works fine. I can hit my hotkeys and write a note, press escape and after a while I can press my hotkeys again to append something new to the “old note”.

When I’m in fullscreen mode the hotkeys will bring me the “floating sorter”. But if I press escape, I’ll loose all the text input. That way I lost notes several times so I’m a bit anxious to use the sorter (with “interruptions”). The only way that does not lead to loosing notes is if I click this tiny cross/red button of the floating sorter.

This bug (I hope that it is a bug. Otherwise it would be inconsistent behavior for the sorter.) occurs for quite a while. I started using drafts for that, but I find getting the drafts into devonthink is rather cumbersome…

An improvement would be my request four months ago :wink:

In full-screen mode when the Sorter is displayed as a (floating) window the escape key is the equivalent of pressing the cancel button which is the standard Mac behaviour. To close the Sorter without clearing the contents you can press the red button in the toolbar.

Yes, I know that I must click the red button for the intended use case as I wrote in my post. Your reasoning is a technical one, but imo the behaviour should be consistent despite of being in fullscreen mode or not.
If a more drastic analogy is allowed: It’s as the home button of a smartphone functions differently depending on whether I am at home or outside. When I am at home, the home button brings me to the home screen but when I am outside, the home button shuts my phone down. Therefore it is not logical.