Problem with Transmit Droplet

I created a droplet file in Transmit and saved it to the desktop. So far, the droplet works perfect. Now I tried to add the droplet to my DEVONthink database but DEVONthink will not accept the droplet. It is not possible to add the droplet directly to DEVONthink nor is it possible to add it to the Inbox folder (it will remain in the Inbox folder). In the protocol I see the message “Übersprungen” (English: Skipped).

I don’t understand why the droplet is skipped during import. Would be perfect to have it in my customer management database

By default DEVONthink doesn’t import apps (as too many users did this in the past accidentally and as it doesn’t make sense in an info/document manager usually) but there’s a hidden preference to enable this, see appendix of help.


What is the reason why this is not activated by default?

See above - it’s an an info/document manager. Adding all kinds of a files can bloat the index, make searching slower and see also, classify & concordance a lot less useful.

In addition to Criss’ comments, there were cases where people would try to add their /Applications folder to DEVONthink. NOT a wise idea (and still unwise).