Problems adding files to indexed database

Hello, I’m new to DT and perhaps don’t understand how indexed databases work.

Yesterday I used “File > Index Files and Folders…” to create an indexed database. I want to use an indexed database so Markdown files are accessible in other apps, specifically Obsidian and Typora.

Yesterday: Created new indexed database. I was able to add and remove files in Finder and the changes were automatically updated in DT. This is exactly the behavior I was hoping for.

Today: I cannot do the same thing. If I used Finder to add a file to the indexed folder, that file does NOT appear in DTs list of files for that database.

Other findings:

  • Using Finder to rename a file in the indexed folder results in DT automatically showing the new name. (Good)
  • If I create a link in a Markdown file (that DT is showing) to link to a file also in the indexed folder but NOT showing, I am able to click that link (in DT) and DT will then display that file in the document window, but the file still does NOT appear in the list of files.
  • If I manually import the file that is already in the indexed folder but NOT showing in the list of files in DT, then the files appears in the DT list but I then have a duplicate file in Finder ("-1" is added to the file name).

The ideal situation is the way DT was behaving yesterday (same day I created the indexed database): Add a file in Finder, it appears in DT’s list of files for that database.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?
Is this normal behavior for indexed folders?

Things I’ve tried:

  • Selecting “File > Update Indexed Files” … has no effect
  • “Create Spotlight Index” was turned off. I turned it on … no change in behavior.
  • Clicking “Rebuild” in “Database Properties…”
  • Restarting DT
  • Restarting the machine (MacBook Pro purchased new last year) + restarting DT
  • Again, manually importing … creates duplicate file in Finder
  • The indexed folder is cloud synced (and on the internal drive) so I tried all of the above steps with the cloud syncing app both on and off.

This database is currently very small, less than 20 files with about 15 Markdown files and 5 images.

I am running version 3.6.3 which is the latest version as of this writing.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Welcome @dbk3000

Have you emptied the Trash for the database you’re indexing into? (And yes, there’s a preposition at the end of my sentence :open_mouth: :wink: )

I strongly suggest reading the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing section, especially Indexing and the file system, before committing to indexing.

Thank you — Emptying the trash seems to have worked … DT instantly recognized new files in the indexed folder. I’ve just read through the documentation you recommended and found it helpful.

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile: