Problems after update to MacOS 12.1

since the latest MacOS Update 12.1 DT doesn’t save the appearance of the columns as well the last selected document will shown in mirror few. Anyone made the same experience?

Screen captures of columns set then not preserved would be useful.

its like this after DT starts. I can adjust the columns of course. but after a new start its like this again.
And the last shown Documents appears in mirror few. Select another Document and go back to the previous it will show correctly then.

But all this is since the latest MacOS Update yesterday.

Jim, this happens from previous macOS versions when in full screen and Widescreen view, the size of the list of elements (the middle one) does not saves its own width and is shown as default after restart, and I think it happens because before go to full screen, it opens as normal window and then expands, maintaining the normal window width instead of the expanded one.

I didn’t give major importance, as I always have one or more windows open in full screen and never close therm.

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