Problems after upgrade to Pro Office 2.5.1 and ScanSnap 6.0


Everything going great till I just upgraded to the latest versions of both of these programs.

Upgrade seems to have broken the integration between ScanSnap and Devon and my ability to import anything new into the database.

Scansnap iX500, fimrware 0D00, version 6.0 L14.

Devonthink Pro Office, version 2.5.1, database is 1.3 Gb

I am running on a Mac Pro, version 10.7.5, dual core, 14 Gb ram

Since the upgrade, I scan in a document with the scansnap, it does the OCR, and then I get the error screen:
“Can’t import PDF document at location >> Inbox You can try to import the document in the Finder and try to import from there”

In the log, I see:
-/Library/Caches/Devonthink Pro/OCR/ Failed

In prefs, I have the import set for destination Inbox of current database and have the database open. If I switch to “Global inbox”, I get the same error.

Even if I try to drag an existing pdf off the mac desktop into the inbox of the database or the global inbox, I get the same “failed” error.

I have tried robooting the mac, restarting the scansnap manager and Devonthink, I have done Verify and repair with no errors found.

Any help would be appreciated as my database is now unusable!



Goodness, after all of that, I did one more Mac restart ( the 3rd) and
now everything is back to normal and working.

Well go figure! Glad to have Devon back working!


Setting ScanSnap Manager’s Settings > Save to “Inbox” is a bad idea. The scanner output file won’t stay in that location for OCR, but will be flushed to the Global Inbox and may not be found for OCR.

Your Pictures folder is the default in ScanSnap Manager settings and that works fine. If you check the option in DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR to move the original to the Trash after text recognition, the originals will be removed from the Pictures folder.

Hi Bill!

Thanks for your reply. It is the Devonthink preferences that I am talking about that saves to the inbox, not ScanSnap manager. Scansnap saves to the default place and I do have Devonthink trash the original pdf once it imports it, like you mention.

Everything seems to working fine now so I am a happy camper.