Problems after upgrading to Mac OS 10.4.9 :(


The Mac OS 10.4.9 upgrade hasn’t been a great success for my monoprocessor PowerPC-equipped Power Mac :frowning:

After upgrading, Devonagent became sloooooooow. It takes ages for a page to load, everything is slow. When I close a tab I have a death beachball, it takes a few seconds before it closes. No problem with Safari.

Actually, that’s not all. Now I open my SuperDrive with difficulty, it only works from the menu bar. Am I the only one? :confused:

Deleting all caches in the various Library folders and restarting the computer might improve things. In addition, please check if you’re using any haxies and if they’re compatible to 10.4.9.

Awesome! Devonagent woke up :smiley:

My SuperDrive still has problems though :unamused:

I was wondering…
Can I do this with the Terminal?

Probably. But you can also use one of the housekeeping apps out there. I use MainMenu.