Problems burning to DVD

Hey… can anyone imagine a reason why a DTPro database wouldn’t like being burned to DVD?

I was burning fine to CD, but (as many here have noticed :slight_smile: that doesn’t last too long with this application. So then I was zipping the dtbase package and burning that to CD, and that worked for a while. Finally I’m over a gigabyte, and I’m biting the bullet and moving to more expensive blank DVDs for backup.

I now have six expensive coasters from three different vendors. To ask some obvious questions: (1) The burning process appears to be successful, but it fails in verification with “Sector XXXXXX is unreadable. Verification failed.” (2) I am using Toast Titanium 7.0 on a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.4.7. (3) I can burn other DVDs all day long, including zipped versions of this same dtbase package. (4) After the first failure, I made sure DTPro was not running before attempting the burn. (5) As mentioned above, I’ve tried three different brands of blank media.

Any ideas? I hate having to quit and zip before burning a backup… anything that makes it more awkward to back up makes it more likely that I’ll find a reason to skip it… :frowning:

Stephen: I use DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive for external backups.

This can be invoked conveniently at a break time, without having to close the database. It automatically runs Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize first – which is a “good thing” before making a backup.

It produces the smallest possible compressed and dated zipped archive.

I’ve had no problems burning such archives to a DVD disc. And you can get more databases on a DVD using Backup Archive, as the archives contain no internal Backup folders, which can substantially reduce the size of the archive on many databases.

I know about the script, and it does a good job… but it breaks the rule of “the more steps a backup takes, the more likely I am to skip it.” And I don’t want to skip my backups! (Yes, I know, this is a human problem, not a technology problem.)

But I can’t understand why I can’t simply drag the dtbase folder to a blank DVD and burn it.

Stephen, the way I count it, Backup Archive saves a step or two. :slight_smile:

I always make a point of running Verify & Repair, and then Backup & Optimize, before I make an external backup of my databases. Are you skipping those steps?

Clicking on Scripts > Export > Backup Archive is one step which also runs those 2 quality assurance steps automatically (including choice of location for the archive).

Then I drag the archive and drop it to an external drive. (Step 2, DONE)

And the name of the archive contains both the database name and the date of the backup. To do that you would have had to perform two more steps: create a target folder to hold your database copy, then name and date the target folder.

You might try either Apple’s Backup utility or Synchronize X Plus: I use the latter for nightly backups of my entire Home folder, and it never takes more than a few minutes to copy large Entourage and DT databases, along with many other files.